The Produce News and the Fresh Produce & Floral Council have created a sponsor partnership agreement that will align two of the most prominent and respected institutions in the industry with the goal of further raising the profile of each.

“The California marketplace is a vibrant, dynamic and all-important piece of the U.S. produce industry, and the FPFC is a leading-edge organization whose membership includes many of the heavy-hitters of the retail and shipper communities,” said John Groh, publisher of The Produce News. “We are thrilled to enter into this partnership with such a venerable organization, and we look forward to working with Don, Emma (McBride-Taylor) and the FPFC board to develop ways to further boost the profile of the council.”

Fresh Produce & Floral Council members will receive a special ad rate at 20% off the rate card.

Please note: this will not be applied to members who have special discounted rates already in place.

To reserve your ad space in The Produce News, please contact John Groh at

The Fresh Produce & Floral Council attended the California Grocers Association (CGA) Strategic Conference in Palm Springs on Monday, September 26th, 2021. The FPFC, in partnership with CGA and Produce for Better Health Foundation (PBH), held two Whiteboard Sessions titled, “Tapping Into Consumers’ Desires Around the Plan Forward Movement with Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak, MS, RDN, PBH President and CEO.

The Fresh Produce & Floral Council and the California Grocers Association (CGA) have announced a new partnership. This new agreement will allow both associations to give added value to both associations and their members.